The Magic Fish
Season 2, Episode 12
The Magic Fish
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The Magic Fish is the twelfth episode of season two.


Adam is granted a "magic fish wish" after finding a stranded fish called David Coppertrout. He thinks that the wish is foolish nonsense, but his friends think differently.




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  • The title is likely a pun on the stock fairy tale term, "Magic Wish".
  • This is the third episode Adam got chased by The Pretties since Two Tons of Fun and Cheer Pressure.
  • First appearance of David Coppertrout. A magical fish, who can grant wishes, and usually does so in return for someone saving his life.
  • The name "David Coppertrout" is a parody on famous magician, David Copperfield.
  • Slips has a cousin in Ecuador.
  • Windsor mentions having donated a dollar to the space program, hoping it'd help them find life on Mars.
  • Coach Gills' lack of friends from "The "A" Word" is brought up again.
  • Coach Gills also mentioned that during her high school years, she was an beautiful, early-blooming, physically attractive young woman, with an exterior appearance that could make birds sing. Unfortunately, due to her masculine voice, she still came across as repulsive to the men at her school.
    • She mentioned being a high schooler in 1997. Assuming the events of the show take place in 2002, (when it first aired), this would make land Coach Gills somewhere in her early twenties.
  • Adam's disbelief in the power of wishes comes from a childhood incident, where he wished on a star for a Captain Clowny action figure, but never got one.
  • The episode ends with Adam being sent back to the prehistoric era. This scene is possibly the only moment in the series, where dinosaurs have been featured. None of which were humanly-domesticated.
  • Credits Gag: Jake tries to "save" David Coppertrout, so he can grant him a wish, but he can't because David is tied to a chain.