The Little Mermonkey
Season 3, Episode 4
The Little Mer-Monkey
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The Little Mermonkey is the fourth episode of season three.


Underwater pest, Herman Hermit Crab searches for a new shell, after outgrowing his old one and finds that he first perfectly in Adam's locker. When Adam and Jake asks windsor slips ingrid and lupe knows that the crab needs a new home for its better shell.


After Mrs. Tuskfish fattens the Hermit Crab, he tries to find a new shell, since he's too big. After ending up in Adam's locker and several attempts to get him out of there, Adam helps him find a new home. Meanwhile, Jake falls in love with a mermonkey.


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  • The title is a parody on "The Little Mermaid".
  • First episode where Adam and Jake go down to the underwater hallways.
  • A character, who appeared to be Mrs. Tusk was seen, swimming in the underwater hallway, serving Herman Hermit Crab. In the credits, it's revealed that this is not the same animal, as she is credited as another teacher, named "Mrs. Tuskfish".
  • The term "Aquasquatters" is first used in this episode, to describe the students of the Underwater Wing.
    • "Aquasquatter" is a slang term in real life, which basically describes someone who's using a boat that they don't own, or haven't borrowed or rented.
  • Adam mentions his grandmother, when he sarcastically told Herman that he's as happy to see him as he is to see his grandmother taking a bath.
  • David Coppertrout makes a cameo, being scared out of the toilet by Jake.
  • Billboard Gag: Kelp wanted.
  • Credits Gag: Herman using Principal Pixiefrog's desk drawer as a new shell.
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