Synch or Swim
Season 4, Episode 12
Synch or Swim
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Synch or Swim is the twelfth episode of season four.


Jake can't join the swim team, because it's for aquatic animals only.


Jake Spidermonkey really wants to join the undefeated CDMS synchronized swimming team, but Principal Pixiefrog won't let him join, 1.) Because Jake's not an aquatic animal and 2.) Principal Pixiefrog banned Jake from doing his "Butt Bomb" move in the school pool.

After Jake hears about these animals called Sea Simians, which Adam says aren't actually simians but brine shrimp (but of course Jake doesn't listen to him), he decides to buy some so that he can coach his own swimming team. Of course, Jake's Sea Simians are nothing like Jake thought they would be, and Jake decides to flush them down a toilet.


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Coach Gills: Oh, carp.

Pixiefrog: I'm a big believer in safety first.
[Coach Gills is stuck on top of the light thing]
Coach Gills: Help! Get me down!
Pixiefrog: Coach Gills! Be a dear and change that burnt out bulb, while you're up there. Thanks, love.

Lupe: The SST is undefeated because all of it's members are aquatic animals.
Slips: And let's face it, dude. Monkeys are not aquatic animals ... right?
Jake: B-B-But, if monkeys aren't aquatic animals-
Slips: Don't quote me on that, dude.

Jake: I am related to sea simians! I am an aquatic animal!
[A fully developed human arm protrudes from right next to Slips, implying it's attached to him]
Slips: I told you, dude.
[Slips notices the arm and nervously tries to brush it off by using another human arm to push it back down]

Jake: All I need to do to hatch my sea-worthy brethren, is to pour the powder packet into the included aquarium. Boy, they don't teach you this kind of stuff in mating class.

[Jake flushed his sea simians down the toilet]
Adam: Jake! Wait! What did you do!?
Jake: I took your advice. I flushed them because they were boring.
Adam: I didn't flush mine because they were boring! I flushed them because they ... [whispering] expired.
Jake: Zuh?
Adam: You know, perished, departed, defunct, passed on, done in, extinct, stiff, belly up, took a dirt nap, met their maker, pushing up daisies, eternal slumber, worm food, flat lined, like real gone daddy.
[Jake shrugs his shoulders and makes a stupid face]
[Adam mimics a dying person]
Jake: Oh, you mean dead.

Jake: I don't ever want to hear the word..
[Adam and Jake heard Bull scream]
Bull Sharkowski: SEA SIMIANS!! Get 'em off me, they're attacking! GET 'EM OFF!!
[Adam and Jake gets shock in horror]
[Dolphins of SST were screeching in panic of Sea Simian Attacks]
Pixiefrog: Call the janitor! call animal control! Nay, call the Navy. We've got wild mutant sea simians. Oh, the Manatee!
Hugh Manatee: Sea Simians! Get 'em off!
[Hugh Manatee gets hosed off of Sea Simians]
Adam: What's going on, Principal Pixiefrog?
Pixiefrog: What's going on? Can't you see? We've got wild, mutant sea simians! Sea simians are always kept in small tank, captivity because when released to the wild, they mutate and take over live destructive locusts. I just can't figure out how they got in here.
[Adam and Jake look at each other in shock]
Pixiefrog: Did you two just exchange an "Oh Poopy" look? Nevermind, I don't wanna know. I just need to figure out a way to flush the buggers out of here.