She's Koala That
Season 1, Episode 20
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She's Koala That is the twentieth episode of season one.


Adam befriends an annoying koala bear named Deidre who talks about eucalyptus and other things.




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  • The title is a pun on "She's All That".
  • A preview for this episode was shown before the previous episode aired.
  • The teams for the volleyball team, were strangely uneven, with Adam, Windsor, Ingrid, and Slips being together on a team of four, while only Lupe and Jake opposed them on a team of two. Why they didn't transfer one member from the team of four to the opposing side, to even things out, is unknown.
  • First appearance of Deidre Koala.
  • Lupe proves to be much stronger than she looks, just like she mentioned in "Bad News Bear".
  • This episode features the song "Thanks for Everything", a third party public domain song, created by an unknown singer. The song has been used as stock music in a few Cartoon Network shows.
  • The fourth wall is broken when Jake and Lupe take Deidre to a salon called "Montage Groomers".
  • Credits Gag: Deidre eating eucalyptus.