Nice Mustache
Season 2, Episode 8
Nice Mustache
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Nice Mustache is the eighth episode of season two.


Jake grows a mustache and becomes a whole new man because of it.


Jake's world changes when he wakes up with a mustache. He drops out of the school to follow his mustache, wherever it leads him. Adam must shave Jake's mustache off or else Jake will experience a lot of pressure. Luckily, thanks to another mustached monkey Tommy Tamwin, he knows the secret code of a mustache club. When he says it out loud, Jake cannot hurt him, even with his nunchucks.


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Old Yearbook

Old CDMS Yearbook

  • A yearbook shows many former students of CDMS, including Tom E. Tamarin. These would be Sam Hound, Wilbur Rat, Butch, Gladice Beak, Robert Lion, an unnamed snake, Stewart Chimp, and Freddy Yak.
  • Jake parked his car outside of a gas station convenience store, called 24-Seven, a parody on 7-Eleven.
  • Billboard Gag: This sign changes a lot.
  • Credits Gag: Adam and Kerry are drinking their refreshments while sitting on Adam's car (formerly Jake's). They are about to kiss each other, but Adam's mustache (also formerly Jake's) transforms into a butterfly. They continue to drink their refreshments.