"Water chafes my rumpus!"
—Nestor Parrot
Nestor Parrot
Nestor Parrot


Nestor Parrot


Eclectus Parrot




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Voice Actor

Phil LaMarr

Nestor Parrot is the quinary member of The Spiffies. He is a nerdy, sci-fi loving parrot, who's part of the school's advanced class. He also suffers from a lot of bizarre allergies and medical disorders. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


Nestor is a green parrot with a large, orange beak and a long, streamer-like tail. Like the rest of The Spiffies, he wears giant, nerdy, thick-rimmed glasses. He also wears a tan pocket-shirt with pens in the pocket. He has four long and bended strands of hair on his head, with little circles on top. He is the smallest member of The Spiffies and, like Lupe, he is either flying in place or sitting on a hanging bird perch, when staying close to the group.


Nestor is a nerdy, condescending know-it-all, who shows off his knowledge to the school, thinking people care, which, quite frankly, none of them do. He also has a bunch of really bizzaire and disgusting medical symptoms, such as a sever fruit allergy and non-water proof flesh on his butt.

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