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My Gym Partner's a Monkey is an American animated television series created by Timothy and Julie McNally Cahill and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. It premiered on December 26, 2005 and ended in July 27, 2008 following a marathon of its final regular-run episodes. On November 27th, 2008, A Thanksgiving special aired during the season, technically making this the series finale.


Broadcast HistoryEdit

My Gym Partner's a Monkey first aired on Cartoon Network on December 26th, 2005. As a whole, the show was given 96 Episodes, a full-length film and an hour long special. The series ended on it's down terms after four seasons, on July 27th, 2008. Despite the episode airing that day, being passed off as the series finale, due to the in-universe plot, Cartoon Network mixed with the order of episodes, and managed to hold on to the intended second to last episode, and not premiere it until November 27th, 2008, long after the series initially ended. Their reasons for doing so was most likely because this episode was a Thanksgiving themed holiday special and they wanted to air it, when it was around that time of year in real life.

During the third season of it's initial run, My Gym Partner's a Monkey became part of a crossover event, on May 18th, 2007, called Cartoon Network Invaded. The programming block featured episode premieres of five Cartoon Network shows. These being Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ed, Edd, & Eddy, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Camp Lazlo, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (each show would air their new episode in that order). All five episodes would be "alien-themed" and would be loosely tied together, to many one, overarching story. The episode from My Gym Partner's a Monkey was "That Darn Platypus".

4 years after My Gym Partner's a Monkey ended, Cartoon Network revived the show, by airing a few repeats as part of Cartoon Planet. Cartoon Planet was a weekly, hour-long programming block, that showcased a list of classic cartoons that have been either cancelled or finished, many years back. This lasted from March 30th, 2012, to February 8th, 2014.


The story revolves around Adam Lyon, a human. After a clerical error listed his surname as "Lion", Adam is forced to transfer from Chester Arthur Middle School to Charles Darwin Middle School, a school for local zoo animals. Shortly after his transfer, he is partnered with Jake Spidermonkey in gym (hence the title). While Jake enjoys having fun at the expense of others, he quickly becomes attached to Adam. The majority of the show's humor derives from Adam's attempts to reconcile his human limitations, as well as his outsider status, with the demands of an animal-centric school and social scene. Sometimes around the last two seasons, the show stopped focusing on Adam's all-animal school dilemma and more on the other characters and their lives outside of school.

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Much of Charles Darwin Middle School is modeled after specific habitats. There are fish tubes created so that the fish can breathe and swim around. There are also vines and bodies of water. Some animals like Bull Sharkowski use devices to allow them to live outside of their natural habitat. In Bull's case he uses what looks like headphones full of water that go around his gills. The main characters have been able to breathe in water in the early episodes for some mysterious reason.

Charles Darwin Middle School appears to be the only animal school around, as it is later explained in the episode "Uniformity." In the episode, there are high end east coast schools for animals. Also, there is a school for plants called Creeping Broad-Leaf Sedge Middle School (CBLSMS) where Jake is sent to due to Warthog thinking he's a spider plant. The school competes against human schools in athletics and other events. In one episode where Adam signs up to return to his old school for a day transfer, all the teachers and staff seem to replicate their animal counterparts.


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Main CastEdit

  • Adam M. Lyon (voiced by Nika Futterman) is a 12-year-old human boy who was transferred from Chester Arthur Middle School to Charles Darwin Middle School (CDMS) by an accidental misspelling of his last name from "Lyon" to "Lion". As the series title suggests, in gym class, Adam was paired up with Jake Spidermonkey and the two become best friends. Jake's plans have them getting involved in situations which end up with him and Adam in trouble. Adam, being physically weak, is often preyed upon by the other animal students. His personality is downtrodden, due to being in an animal school and he also has a reputation of complaining about his daily experiences at the school. Adam can be arrogant and strong-willed at times. Outside of school, he is often seen with a human girl named Kerry Anderson, with whom he has a secret crush. His efforts to impress her end up with Adam's embarrassment. Towards the middle of the series, Adam seems to be on the borderline of sanity. Throughout the series, he is a big fan of his favorite superhero, Captain Clowny. He eagerly hopes to one day be a clown when he grows up, and attend a Clown College, as seen on his resume in the episode "My Feral Lyon".
  • Jacob "Jake" P. Spidermonkey (voiced by Tom Kenny), as his last name implies, is a spider monkey who quickly became Adam's best friend. He is often very possessive of Adam and hates not having him around regularly. Jake is emotional and goofy, who takes to heart some of Adam's comments and actions, leading to some overly-dramatic and exaggerated reactions. He can be lazy and selfish, but at the same time, he is also fairly sensible. A running gag in the series is his obsession with the well-being of his butt, which he made grow so large that it blocked out the sun in one episode. Along with the majority of the other animal students, Jake lives close enough to the school that he can see it from where he lives.
  • Slips Python (voiced by Rick Gomez) is an easy-going, street-talking green tree python. He is an underachiever and excessive daydreamer whose gullibility allows him to believe anything he hears, which makes him a constant source of misinformation. As a snake, he has no limbs, yet wears a T-shirt (why is never explained). Slips is usually depicted as care free, delightfully apathetic, and unintelligent and is usually seen with his best friend Windsor.
  • Windsor T. Gorilla (voiced by Rick Gomez) is a dispassionate, but thoughtful and wise lowland gorilla, who's part of Adam's friend group, though his main companion is Slips Python. He always speaks in a deadpan, monotonous tone and almost never expresses any emotions or changes in mood. He is the voice of reason to the group and often dispenses wisdom for them.
  • Guadalupe "Lupe" Toucan (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a selfish, attention-grabbing toucan with a passion for music. She is part of Adam's main friend group, though her best friend in Ingrid Giraffe. She speaks with a somewhat exaggerated Chicano dialect and is known to have some issues involving what she sees as her overly large beak.
  • Ingrid Giraffe (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is an artsy, poetic Masai giraffe, with in-depth emotions that she's often afraid to express. She is part of Adam's main friend group. She is so tall, that most of the time when she's on camera, she's only seen from the neck down, unless she hunches over and sticks her head into the frame. Her best friend is Lupe and has a secret crush on Adam.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Principal Poncherello Pegone Pixiefrog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is an African-Pixiefrog, and current head principal of Charles Darwin Middle School and often plays an anti-heroic party pooper in any of Adam and Jake's stories. His monetary driven morality, lets him derail from running the school properly, and establishing arbitrary new rules and/or applications, if it means saving him a few bucks.
  • Coach Tiffany Gills (voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray) is a hyper-masculine gym teacher, responsible for Adam and Jake's gym partnership. She's bound only to her fishbowl and must be wheeled around by her ferret assistant, Horace, who's level-headed silence contrasts with her loud, bossy, trigger-happy means of running her gym class.
  • Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is a Bull Shark school bully, who enjoys beating up other students, stealing their lunches, making them cry, etc. He's earned the reputation of the most feared student in school, and has even managed to dominate the principal, separating him from any punishments.
  • Henry Armadillo (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a Greenlandian-American, Nine-Banded Armadillo. Socially insecure, stereotypically geeky, and friendless, Henry is the fauna punching bag of even the weakest students at Charles Darwin Middle School, and just barely tops Adam as the lowest student in the school.
  • Kerry Anderson (voiced by Cree Summer) is Adam's best human friend/love interest, and former classmate at Chester Arthur Middle School. Kerry is often fascinated by Adam's unique new school, though Adam assures that she'd hate it as much as he does if she were to experience the madness. Adam spends time with her outside of school, which has become more of a refreshing break than it has a one-sided romantic get together.

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Mrs. Geraldine Shannon Warthog (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is the apathetic, and repulsively ugly common warthog and secreatary of Principal Pixiefrog. She's crutial to CDMS, being the only one with knowledge on filing papers. Geraldine has a love hate relationship with Poncherello, who's love seems to be tucked away, but still making her heart beat strong.
  • Mr. Maurice Bob Mandrill (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is an aged, but youthful at heart, hippie and perfect display of everything from the psychedelic sixties. On the job, he's the school's spiritual guidance counselor, who gives students advice on their emotional struggles in life.
  • Richard "Dickie" Sugarjumper (voiced by Tom Kenny) is an English-American sugar glider, with stereotypical British mannerisms.
  • James Ant (voiced by Rick Gomez) is a fire ant, who's the smallest student in the school. His short stature, doesn't stop his cassanova wannabe attitude, but certainly continues his failure to get lucky to no end.
  • Chad (voiced by Tom Kenny) is the bully of Chester Arthur Middle School, who used to be the big bad of Adam's life, before the transfer. Chad may be pretty much powerless now, but nothing is stopping him from trying to regain contact with Adam, so that he may further harass him, just like old times.


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My Gym Partner's a Monkey The Zoo
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey was originally titled "The Zoo". The rest of the show was pretty much the same, with the show still having the same basic concept as the current show, as well as the same cast of characters, just with a few noticable changes to their physical appearances.
  • During it's run, two episodes have been banned. The first was "Amazon Kevin", which was banned only in Australian broadcasting networks, due to the episode focusing on a parody of Steve Irwin, once the real life Steve Irwin died. The second episode was "The Butt of the Jake", which after it's second airing, was noticed by Cartoon Network executives, saying that the episode was too crude and disgusting and jokes about Jake's butt went too far. After which, the episode was pulled from syndication and the alternative episode, "Hygiene Hijinks" was paired up with the episode's former sister episode "Shark Fin Soupy".

International BroadcastEdit


Two DVD volumes of the series have been released in Australia, the first on April 4, 2007 and the second on January 23, 2008. As of January 2010, there have been no further volumes released.