My Feral Lyon
Season 4, Episode 3
My Feral Lyon
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My Feral Lyon is this third episode of season four.


Adam joins an after-school club for tough cats but later finds himself as a scapegoat for the cats' greed when the Wild Cats try to steal everything out of Charles Darwin Middle School. Can Adam stop them?





  • The title is a pun on "My Fair Lady".
  • The school greatly fears feral cats, for their obsession with stealing their belongings.
    • This is the second known animal to be hated by the school, with the first being Bunnies, first mentioned in "The Big Field Trip".
  • The Spiffies started up a "Prisons and Lizards" club. The Dungeons and Dragons parody, known as Prisons and Lizards was mentioned before in "Animal Testing".
  • Adam plans on going to a Clown College.
    • Jake says it's too late for him to go to a human college, since he wouldn't be accepted since he goes to an animal school. This was brought up again by Principal Pixiefrog in "A Whole Zoo World" and became an important plot point. 
  • Third episode where Principal Pixiefrog's car is vandalized, after "Shiny Thing" and "One Lump or Tutor". This time, the car is deconstructed by The Ferals. It's also mentioned that Dickie did the same thing the year before, making the destruction of his car happen at least four times at this point.
  • When Adam lends his clothes to The Ferals, the fat one is wearing his cheerleader uniform, that he must still keep around, after being given it in "Cheer Pressure".
  • Mrs. Warthog and later, The librarian read the story of The Three Little Pigs.
  • Adam runs around the library in his underwear, screaming "I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger!", as a diversion for the librarian, while The Ferals did their dirty work. This is a reference to The Breakfast Club, when Bender sang the same song, to distract the principal.
  • Billboard Gag: Guard Hog on Duty.
  • This is the eleventh episode in which Adam's Underwear is shown. (Inoculation Day, Lyon of Scrimmage, Me Adam, You Jake, Docu-Trauma, Basic Jake, The Two Jakes, Uniformity, The Cuddlemuffins, Gorilla of My Dreams, and The Hyena and the Mighty)