Mrs. Tusk
Mrs. Tusk


Eugenia Tusk


Indian Elephant




Mid 30s to late 40s


Mr. Hornbill

Mrs. Eugenia Tusk is CDMS's lunch lady, who cares more about making money than the students she serves. She's an African Elephant with a Jamaican accent. She is voiced by Cree Summer.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • She is a married elephant, as indicated by the Mrs. honorific in her name (which she had to point out to Mr. Hornbill when he revealed his crush on her), though her husband has not yet appeared on-screen.
    • In "Kerry to Dance?", Mrs. Tusk and Mr. Hornbill were in a couples picture together.
    • In "Poop Scoop", she was very interested in Adam's 'crush' on her, hinting attraction for him.
  • She is the only school faculty member, known to be married.
  • In the Aquatic Wing, a tuskfish, by the name Mrs. Tuskfish, who looks and sounds exactly like her, works at the Seaweed Bar, as seen in "The Little Mermonkey".
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