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Maurice Bob Mandrill


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Adam Lyon
Jake Spidermonkey
Slips Python
Windsor Gorilla
Principal Pixiefrog
Mrs. Warthog
Margie Gorilla (girlfriend)
Benny Two Tooth
Dennis Billy


Mr. Mandrill's Dad (father)

Voice Actor

Maurice LaMarche

Mr. Maurice Bob Mandrill is the school's spiritual guidance counselor, who gives students advice on their emotional struggles in life. He is characterized as a stereotypical portrayal of "touchy-feely" guidance counselor, an aged hippy, and an ex-hobo. He's also the school band director, newspaper club leader, detention warden, and an adviser to the student court. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


In "Mellow Fellows", Slips sought help from Mr. Mandrill, after losing all meaning in life. Mr. Mandrill helped him, by making him his assistant guidance councilor. Slips didn't even need to try, and proved to be an excellent councilor, who one-upped Mr. Mandrill at his own game. Being outshined and obsolete, Mr. Mandrill lost all meaning in life, but held it together, to try and get his job back. After failing enough times, Mr. Mandrill gave up and went into a psychedelic hippie freak out.

In "Mandrill of the House", Mr. Mandrill started dating Windsor's single mother, Margie Gorilla. Windsor was not happy about this, and refused to accept Mr. Mandrill as his potential new father. Mr. Mandrill wanted to become friends with Windsor, so he took him and his friends to the Rhinossance Fair. Windsor still shut him out, but when he found out that he was also a collector of crystal figurines, he finally started to accept him.

In "Mountain Dude", Mr. Mandrill took notice of how the students all lacked motivation, so he hired former alumni, Dennis Billy to make a motivational speech. The only person this got through to was Jake, but to got through to him too well. He and Adam had to set him back to normal.


Mr. Mandrill is a peaceful, freethinking, new-age hippie, who has dedicated his life to giving the struggling students of CDMS, the spiritual guidance, they need for getting through the tough times of being teens. He is mostly very mellow, and easygoing. Nothing you do, can get him angry.

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