Miss Loon
Miss Loon

Full Name

??? Loon






Mrs. Warthog
Principal Pixiefrog
Mr. Grouper

Voiced By

Cree Summer

Miss Loon is the school's creative writing teacher. She first appeared in "Shiny Thing". She is voiced by Cree Summer.


In "Shiny Thing", Miss Loon taught a class on creative writing. She congratulated Windsor for pounding on his typewriter, Lupe for building a nest, and Slips for cutting up his paper into a chain of people holding hands. The only person who wasn't doing any good was Adam, since he wrote a genuinely thought out haiku. Adam crumpled up his paper and ate it, which made his work good. Miss Loon saw this as a metaphor for Adam eating his words. Jake interrupted her class, showing off his Glass Doorknob. This hypnotized her and all the other students into dropping everything and quoting "Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny."

In "Guano in 60 Seconds", Miss Loon had to move her class into the portable school. She taught a class of cephalapods, these being Octavius Octopus, Daniel Calamari, and Noah Cuttlefish, about using their natural ink for painting. When the portable school hit a speed bump, it caused the cephalapods to spray their ink around willy nilly and in turn, create some actually genuinely beautiful paintings, which she did not like.

In "Le Switcheroo", she was in the teacher's lounge, celebrating Mr. Grouper's last day.

In "Poop Scoop", Jake spread false news about Adam having a crush on every female teacher in the school, sparking their interests. This included Miss Loon.

In "Uniformity", she taught a class, while everyone was conforming to the dress code. She was complimenting everyone on their perfect behavior.

In "The Ivy League", Mrs. Warthog mentioned that despite her name, Miss Loon was actually a blue jay, much to Principal Pixiefrog's shock.

In "A Very Special Boy", she was walking with Mrs. Warthog. Warthog was raving about how nice she was to her friends, but then instantly shoved Miss Loon out of the way, when she heard about Adam coming near.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Her character is an allusion to Katharine Hepburn, who played loon-loving Ethel Thayer in On Golden Pond.
  • In "The Ivy League", it was admitted that she's actually a blue jay, despite what her last name is, because there are no blue loons.
  • Of all the major teachers at the school, she has appeared the least.
  • In "Poop Scoop", she was very interested in Adam's 'crush' on her, hinting attraction for him.
  • In "The Notorious Windsor Gorilla", it was stated the school had no art class. Miss Loon has clearly been shown to be an art teacher, not only in creative writing, but in painting, origami, etc.