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Miss Chameleon is the drama teacher at Charles Darwin Middle School. As such, she can be pretty melodramatic. She is voiced by Nika Futterman.


Before working as a drama teacher, Miss Chameleon used to be a movie actress, working along world famous Sir Charleston Festoon. Unfortunately, she could not control her obsession for eating bugs when an inchworm crawled in unexpectedly. She let herself to stick out her elongated, huge tongue in front of everyone's eyes a grab the bait. This was totally disgusting and unfit for a celebrity. So, she was fired from her job and had to work at Charles Darwin Middle School. (A Mid Semester Life's Dream)


Miss Chameleon speaks with great emotion, as through she stars in a dramatic play, throughout her everyday life. Her dramatic rants are often accompanied by stereotypical horror music, and/or the light from her heat lamp being shined on her face.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • She is always under a heating lamp, which is meant to resemble a spotlight.
  • She can camouflage into her surroundings and turn invisible, although in reality, chameleons don't possess invisibility.
    • At the same time, they don't actually have proper control of changing their colour in real-life. Their colour changes according to their emotions.
  • Miss Chameleon's English/British speaking accent was heard very well from a vocal perspective of Nika Futterman. Thus, making her the second voice over star to speak a good mannered European language. First was Grey DeLisle, who played an English accent character of Hazel Peacock.