Making the Grade
Season 2, Episode 20
Making the Grade
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Making the Grade is the twentieth episode of season two.


Charles Darwin's report cards are nonsense.


It's Report Card Day at Charles Darwin Middle School, and all of the students are receiving their report cards, including Adam Lyon, with this being his first ever CDMS-report card. Adam's really nervous, and his best friend, Jake Spidermonkey, doesn't get why Adam would be nervous. Adam explains that while he may have worked hard over the course of the semester, he could've easily failed all of his classes, with him being a human at an all-animal school.

However, Adam's surprised when he pulls out his report card to see his grades: turns out that they don't give out actual letter grades at CDMS, but rather, generic positive symbols (which, according to Principal Pixiefrog, also help avoid lawsuits). Adam points out to Jake and two of their other best friends, Windsor Gorilla and Slips Python, that since all the school does is give the students generic positive symbols no matter how they do in class, there's really no point in actually trying ("We could sleep through all of our classes, and we'd still get pickles and rainbows," Adam complains).

For the next month, all of the students (and even Coach Gills and her assistant, Coach Ferret) sleep through the entire school day. Principal Pixiefrog calls Adam to his office, and Adam explains to the principal what he had explained to his friends on the last report card day. Principal Pixiefrog then decides to change to the traditional letter grades instead of the generic positive symbols. However, this is ends up having terrifyingly bad results, as the students at CDMS single out the "smart" students, who they deem as a "threat."

The school launches into total anarchy, and Adam, also singled out as one of the "smart students," ends up trapped with the Spiffies. Adam and the Spiffies try to escape, with Adam even taking the Spiffies' glasses and all of them walking around and bumping into stuff, pretending they're so dumb that they don't even know where they're going. However, Adam and the Spiffies get found out as being smart and are cornered by the rest of the CDMS-student body. Adam points out that it's not a bad thing to be smart, and starts pointing out lots of other kids at the school who're smart, until only Henry Armadillo is left.

The episode ends on the next Report Card Day at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Adam finds out that he got straight unicorns on his report card. Principal Pixiefrog explains that they went to back to the generic positive symbols as grades (someone had threatened to file a lawsuit), but with new symbols as well.


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Pixiefrog: Achtung studenten! I, uh, I mean, uh, attention students.

Windsor: Did you fellas get the grades you expected?
Jake: I got straight rainbows, though I was hoping for at least one unicorn.
Windsor: Um, I don't think those even exist.
Jake: Well a boy can dream, can't she?

Pixiefrog: Mr. Lyon, letter grades don't really work at out school. Students here, learns real good without 'em.
Jake: Rainbows make me feel happy.
Pixiefrog: We found that generically positive symbols word just fine.
Adam: And they help you avoid lawsuits.
Pixiefrog: Ding ding. See, you are learning, Mr. Lyon, and you don't need letter grades to tell.

Windsor: It's just a sad fact of the modern educational system, that self-esteem now takes presidency over actual learning.
Jake: Me don't see what big deal is.
Slips: Yeah, us is learning.

Adam: I'm just not motivated to learn without the constant fear of failing grades hanging over my head.
Pixiefrog: Your what's hanging over where now?

Henry: Smart kids, identimify yourselves, and maybe we'll go easy on y'all.
Crowd: YEAH!
Adam: Well, Windsor's the smartest guy I've ever known.
[The crowd shuns Windsor into the smart kid circle]
Windsor: Thanks a lot, Adam, though I assume this is all part of some ingenious plan that you'd hit upon to outsmart the dum dums.
Adam: Lupe is super smart. She speaks two languages.
Lupe: I speak three.
[Lupe is knocked out of flight and sent into the smart kid circle]
Lupe: AAAAAH! [hits the floor] Oh, obre moi.
Adam: Ingrid can name all the types of Acacia trees.
Offscreen Student: TIMBER!
[Ingrid falls over and lands in the smart kid circle]
Adam: And Bull known all 97 methods of bullying.
Bull: 98, actually.
Adam: And Dickie known a lot of fancy dance steps.
Dickie: Indeed, I do.

Adam: I guess knowledge is power.

Henry: You win this time, Adam Lyon! But this ain't over yet! One day the bumpkins will rule the world!

Pixiefrog: After your little rabble rousing and subsequent mere annihilation of the school, we decided to go back to the old system, but with fun new symbols.
Adam: Someone threatened to sue, didn't they?
Pixiefrog: Ding, ding. See? You don't need letter grades to prove it. You are learning, Mr. Lyon.
Jake and Slips: We all is!


  • The title if this episode seems to derive from the 1984 film of the same name.
  • It's revealed Lupe Toucan is actually fluent in French, added to Spanish and English. Coincidentally, it's also learned that Principal Pixiefrog is fluent in German.
    • Principal Pixiefrog's German phrase "Achtung Studenten!" translates to "Attention Students!" "Studenten," however, commonly refers to college students. The correct translation would be 'Achtung Schüler!'
    •  Lupe's French phrase "Obre Moi" translates to "Shadow of Me".
  • Since Henry was the only student left standing after Adam points out all of the smart kids at CDMS, it can be assumed that he's the dumbest student at the school.