List of Episodes of My Gym partner's a Monkey. The series began on December 26th, 2005 and ended on July 27th, 2008. It lasted for 4 seasons, spanning 104 episodes. The My Gym Partner's a Monkey franchise also included a half hour film, an external-series special, and 13 shorts.

Season 1Edit

Image Title # Airdate
Inoculation Day Inoculation Day 1 December 26th, 2005
It's inoculation day at CDMS and Jake is terrified of getting a shot. His avoidance of the needle, leads to Adam accidentally getting injected with his monkey pheromones, messing up his human DNA and turning him into a monkey. Jake has to put his butt on the line to save his friend.
Animal Testing Animal Testing 2 December 26th, 2005
Adam passes his school placement test with flying colors, not knowing that everyone else knows to fail on purpose, or else they'd risk being transferred to another class. Adam's stellar work places him in the advanced class, full of condescending nerds, known as "The Spiffies", who treat Adam like the odd one out.
Mad Cow Huddle Lyon of Scrimmage 3 February 24th, 2006
Jake convinces Adam to join the football team, but Adam's poor athletic skills, land him a role as the waterboy. When Adam displays a photographic memory of the plays, Coach Gills is willing to bump him up a notch.
Ding Bang is so Cute Bad News Bear 4 February 24th, 2006
Adam and Jake earn the punishments of shadowing an new student and doing boring paperwork, respectively, otherwise, they'll be separated for the rest of their days ... or at least until 8th Grade.
No One Has Tried the FOod Chew on This 5 February 24th, 2006
Adam is fed up with the school-served animal food, after forgetting to bring his lunch from home. His simple request for the addition of human food is perceived as a hunger strike, causing the entire school board to lose their minds.
Adam Says Bull Went Ape The "A" Word 6 February 24th, 2006
Adam is beaten senseless by Bull Sharkowski, just for bumping into him on accident. When he describes Bull's unjust freak out to Jake, he makes the mistake of saying "Bull went ape on me", which deeply offends Jake and gets him searching for a new friend.
Shark Attack Shark Attack 7 March 3rd, 2006
Adam unwisely befriends Bull Sharkowki, a bull shark, who is CDMS's notorious school bully, hoping to become his decent friend, but in actuality becoming his most vulnerable victim.
Me Adam, You Jake Me Adam, You Jake 8 March 3rd, 2006
Adam enters the school play of "Jungle Guy" (a parody on Tarzan), and auditions for the lead role. Before Adam can even try out, Jake accidentally gets himself the role instead, much to the anger of Adam. Miss Chameleon cuts Adam slack, saying that whoever proves to be the best Jungle Guy by the end of the week will get the part.
The Sheds The Sheds 9 March 10th, 2006
Slips goes through his first shedding process and nobody, himself included, has any idea what's going on. Jake suggests he has a contagiously, incurable disease, he calls the "AAAACK!" and the entire school believes him. Slips is now a social pariah, believed to be infecting everyone with his fatal illness.
Jake Holds Dangerous Powers Shiny Thing 10 March 10th, 2006
Jake breaks the #1 rule of CDMS, by bringing a shiny glass doorknob to school, entrancing every teacher and student, with it's hypnotic glow. Jake, being Jake lets goes mad with power and makes everyone at school obsessed with monkey butts.
Amazon Kevin Amazon Kevin 11 March 17th, 2006
Adam writes to a crocodile hunting TV idol, Amazon Kevin, in hopes that he'll meet him in person.
Word Up Young Folk Grub Drive 12 March 17th, 2006
CDMS is in extremely poor condition, where they can't even afford enough books for the students. Principal Pixiefrog starts a school fundraiser, which requires students to sell boxes of chocolate covered grubs.
Law and Odor Law and Odor 13 March 24th, 2006
Adam and Jake get in trouble in the hallways, and their punishment is doing the community service of becoming hall monitors for a week.
Jake's Talking Butt Routine Yesterday's Funny Monkey 14 March 24th, 2006
Jake's new talking butt joke gets an uproar of laughter from the other kids. He's then encouraged to continue rehashing this same gag, which drives Adam and only Adam crazy.
Enter Through the Door of Darkness It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon 15 April 7th, 2006
In a Halloween themed episode of the show, Adam learns that on October 31st, animals celebrate a greatly different, but similarly named holiday, called "Howl-O-Ween" and learns more about their culture.
Jake Likes His Robot Arm My Science Project 16 April 7th, 2006
Adam enters the science fair with a baking soda volcano, but has some real competition when Phineas enters with a fancy high-tech Destabilized Particle Laser Ionizer Cannon.
Pixiefrog Wrestling Hornbill Two Tons of Fun 17 April 14th, 2006
Jake finds Mr. Hornbill's diary and finds out that he has a crush on Mrs. Tusk.
Bribing Pants With Hair Docu-Trauma 18 April 14th, 2006
A animal documentary lady comes to CDMS, to do a report on their school on the same day Adam has a hideous zit. Adam's zit is so prominent and defacing, that he's mistaken for a new species.
Surprise Adam Supplies Party 19 April 21st, 2006
Adam's 12th birthday goes ballistic, when crashed by a few uninvited guests.
Deidre on Adam's Back She's Koala That 20 April 21st, 2006
Adam befriends a repulsive koala girl, named Deidre, which loses him all his other friends.
Everyone Will Vote For Bull Political Animals 21 April 28th, 2006
Adam runs for class president, to put an end to Bull Sharkowski's long-running reign class dictator. This quickly leads to extreme political discourse in the halls of CDMS.
Sense of Falling Guano in 60 Seconds 22 April 28th, 2006
The ceilings of CDMS are teaming with asbestos, and every has to evacuate and learn in a tiny trailer.
Adam is a Soccer Bubble Bubble or Nothing 23 May 12th, 2006
Adam gets placed in a Hypo-Allergenic Bubble.
Stay Up a Little Bit Longer Up All Night 24 May 12th, 2006
Jake, Slips, and Windsor come to Adam's house for a sleepover.
Mud Covered Adam and Kerry Kerry to Dance? 25 May 19th, 2006
Adam plans on asking Kerry to the CDMS School Dance, but Jake is against this, since he wanted to be his partner. Meanwhile, Ingrid tries to ask Adam to the dance and requires the help of Lupe. Slips and Windsor work the punch table, making them unable to go with anyone. Henry can't find a date, and seeks lady-landing advice from James.

Season 2Edit

Image Title # Airdate
Gills Puts Down Adam Le Switcheroo 26 June 8th, 2006
Adam and Coach Gills' constant arguing and berating of each other, gets Pixiefrog to make them solve their differences, by walking a mile in each other's shoes for a day.
Now This is the Life I Got a New Aptitude 27 June 8th, 2006
CDMS takes the career aptitude test, and Adam and Jake are the only two kids who don't want the jobs of zoo animals. Rather, Jake wants to be an underwear model, and Adam wants to be a space walking, fire fighting, president.
Jungle Squad Peppy Cheer Pressure 28 June 19th, 2006
Jake wishes he could be the token boy on the cheerleading team, but Dickie Sugarjumper has already filled the role.
I AM THE STAR OF THE SHOW Basic Jake 29 June 19th, 2006
Jake gets sent to detention for pulling a prank on Principal Pixiefrog and Adam gets blamed for doing the same thing.
Adam in His Crazy Human School The Times, They Are Exchangin' 30 July 19th, 2006
Adam gets to go back to his old school for a day, where he gets to experience it's former glory once again.
Adam's Always So Cold in Those Classes Cool Kids 31 July 19th, 2006
The Pack goes to their dreaded classes in The Arctic Wing, where the classes are all way too cold. There, Jake leaves his friends, after getting falsely befriended by the superficial "cool kids".
This is it Sweety Disregarding Henry 32 July 31st, 2006
Jake discovers Henry's hidden "talent" for singing and leads him down the pathway to fame. Henry doesn't know that he's actually a terrible singer and people are just liking him ironically. Adam tries to get Henry to realize this before he humiliates himself on public television.
Jake's Not Old Enough to Drive Nice Mustache 33 July 31st, 2006
Jake grows a mustache overnight and becomes a completely different person.
Magic Box Hypnosis Poop Scoop 34 August 8th, 2006
The CDMS Newspaper Club gets closed down after the school gets a televised news channel.
The Courthouse Leaf of Absence 35 August 8th, 2006
For the first time ever in his 25-year-long career, Principal Pixiefrog loses a court case as well as his precious money. He then sinks into a deep depression and quits his job, putting the school under the new management of Principal Wolverine.
Margaret Loves Adam I Fear Pretties 36 August 15th, 2006
Adam accidentally asks three extremely fat and repulsive girls out on dates. All of which take place in the same area on the same night.
Coppertrout Granting Adam's Wish The Magic Fish 37 August 15th, 2006
After saving the life of David Coppertrout, a student who claims to possess magical abilities, Adam gets to wish for anything in the world. Not beliving in magic, Adam refuses to take advantage of this wish, and the rest of the school keeps pestering him, wanting him to "transfer" his wish to them.
Slips Warming Egg Ain't Too Proud to Egg 38 August 21st, 2006
Mr. Hornbill assigns an "egg project" to his class. Adam and Jake are paired up, to take care of an egg, which eventually hatches, making their parenthood experience all the more realistic.
Jake Has a Twin The Two Jakes 39 August 21st, 2006
Adam and Jake clone themselves, so they don't have to go to anymore boring classes.
Jake's Day Off Jake's Day Off 40 August 31st, 2006
How could Jake go to school on a beautiful day such as this? The lifespan of a spidermonkey goes by pretty fast, and if he doesn't stop and look around once in a while, he could miss it. He's not living life alone though. Adam Lyon is getting involuntarily roped into the antics, putting him at the risk of detention.
Aye Que Suave Lupe in Love 41 August 31st, 2006
Lupe's boyfriend, Corey Vulture keeps ignoring her, and she calls him out on his poor boyfriendship. Lupe quickly ends up in tears, when Corey dumps her and Adam ibecomes the lit operator of love to weld her broken heart with a new boyfriend.
Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas 42 September 10th, 2006
In a Christmas themed episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Adam learns about a fantastical animal holiday known as "Animas", which borrows greatly from Christmas and Hannukah, but also mixes in some of it's own wacky animal customs.
Spinal Cracker Carny Crazy 43 September 22nd, 2006
The school carnival comes to CDMS and Adam is bent on winning a Princess Ballerina Snowglobe from the Beetle Bomb booth.
Jake's Not a PerSON He's a MonKEY Up and Adam 44 September 22nd, 2006
Adam is the only kid in school who comprehends how to properly deal with oncoming traffic. This gives his the rights of working the school lookout tower.
Dumb Kids Turning on Smart Kids Making the Grade 45 November 3rd, 2006
The report cards of CDMS give out generic nonsensical grades such as rainbows and unicorns, to spare the feelings of those who failed. This is unfortunate to those like Adam, who actually try in school and read their report cards, expecting decent grades.
One Lump or Tutor One Lump or Tutor 46 November 3rd, 2006
Bull Sharkowski becomes Adam's tutor, teaching him about predatory stalking.
Bad Ta Dah Pranks for the Memories 47 November 17th, 2006
Jake's greatness as the school prankster falls flat, once Adam accidentally does better than him.
Laughing at Teddy Talking Teddy 48 November 17th, 2006
Windsor takes a ventriloquist dummy to school named Teddy Truman. He makes other kids laugh and becomes very popular, but it soon comes about that no one can see that he isn't a real person.
Stuck Up Slips Uniformity 49 January 5th, 2007
When clothing gets out of hand at CDMS, Principal Pixiefrog enforces a dress code, making everyone wear elaborate, preporatory school-worthy uniforms. Everyone gets a bit too "in character" with these uniforms and shortly enough, it makes everyone perfectly poised, pompous jerks.
Cosmos Pants in Space 50 January 5th, 2007
NASA comes to CDMS in search of a monkey to send into space. Jake and Windsor compete for the role, but only one will be victorious and land among the stars.

Season 3Edit

Image Title # Airdate
Adam Out Sick Sick Day 51 January 12th, 2007
Adam misses his first school day, when he stays out sick. Jake shows in incapability of handling a single day without him.
Adam Apologizes to Cuddlemuffins Cuddlemuffins 52 January 12th, 2007
Three thieving petting zoo animals known as The Cuddlemuffins see Adam as a cash cow for stealing from, since he's so easly persuaded by their cuteness. His friends need to stop him from being so charitable before they rob him blind.
The Finfather Looking Evil The Spiffanos 53 January 19th, 2007
Adam unwisely borrows a #2 pencil from Phineas, and finds himself doing the bidding of his mob in return.
Adam and Jake in Scuba Suits The Little Mermonkey 54 January 19th, 2007
An aquasquatter by the name Hermin Hermit Crab gets too big for his shell and in search for a more sizable one, finds Adam's locker as a perfect fit.
Lupe Cranky in the Mirror Diplomatic Insanity 55 January 26th, 2007
Lupe is offended by the negative toucan stereotypes, being portrayed by the rapidly fame-growing tpucan celebrity, Kiki Von Beaky. After ariel bombing Adam, she finds a healthier way to channel her anger, when she becomes an activist.
Leaders and Lackeys Sidekicked 56 January 26th, 2007
Adam and Jake learn about the roles of "Leaders and Lackeys", wherein every pair of best friends has the composition of "The One in Charge" and "The Sidekick". Not knowing what their roles are, the two get into a war over who gets to be the large and in charge leader and who has to be demeaned to the unfulfilling job of the lowly sidekick.
Windsor Specifies It's Her Gorilla My Dreams 57 February 9th, 2007
Windsor has a crush on Deb, a great ape student, but is too afraid to ask her out.
Saucypants Massaging Those Guys The Prince and the Pooper 58 February 9th, 2007
Jake introduces Adam to his illustrious, high-class celebrity cousin, Little Lord Saucypants, who's the pet monkey of singing idol, Dobie Broadway Jr. Upon their visit, Adam and Jake ger him a taste of the fancy life.
Rick Going Bananas That Darn Platypus 59 May 18th, 2007
Rick Platypus, an Australian transfer student comes to CDMS, and people fear he's an alien, because of his numerous comments, claiming to be an evil space alien, who's trying to suck everyone's brains out. Adam is the only voice of reason, understanding that everything he says is a harmless joke, but can't deny how his jokes are extremely annoying.
Ladies and Gentlemen of The Press Pride and Pixiefrog 60 June 22nd, 2007
Principal Pixiefrog wins "Principal of the Year" award on the same day Mrs. Warthog passes out. Adam becomes his new secretary, on the biggest day of his career. Although no problems are caused for Adam and Pixiefrog, Adam's absence in the pack, cause a huge shift in their pack's dynamic, as well as a role swap throughout the entire school.
Dork Dorkerson and Jumping Jake Jolson The Morning Zoo 61 June 22nd, 2007
When Principal Pixiefrog gets a disease, Adam and Jake take over for him as morning announcers, and turn the morning announcements into an invigorating radio station.
Adam in a Gorilla Suit Acting Like a Dummy Flesh Fur Fantasy 62 June 29th, 2007
Adam gets a job as a sign-twirler in a gorilla costume. He sees it as a substandard way to make monkey, but Windsor begs to differ, seeing it as appropriation for the gorillini species.
Jake Has Gone Gaga Substitute Sweetheart 63 June 29th, 2007
Mrs. Walkingstick gets stepped on and gets the slender loris substitute, Mrs. Hannah Slender Loris. Jake quickly becomes smitten with her and fully expects a legitamate teacher-student relationship to happen between them.
The Zoo at Night Don't Noc It 'Til You Try It 64 July 13th, 2007
Slips oversleeps in class and and wakes up after school hours. The gang has to rescue him, but learn that at night, CDMS has second program, specifically for nocturnal students.
Oh, Dude. That is some POWERFUL stuff, man. The Citronella Solution 65 July 13th, 2007
Jake gets visions of the future, but only if they're disastrous events.
Mongoosed Mongoosed 66 July 20th, 2007
Slips and his best friend Carl Mongoose's seemingly undying friendship is severed, when they hear their species are natural enemies. 
Mellow Fellows Mellow Fellows 67 July 20th, 2007
Slips looks for a purpose in life and seeks Mr. Mandrill's spiritual guidance. Mr. Mandrill provides no help at all, when he makes Slips his "assistant councilor for the day", but Slips does find out that he's a wiz at enlightening people, and helps them conquer their problems better than Mr. Mandrill ever could.
Ingrid and Lola See Face to Face Save the Drama for Your Llama 68 July 27th, 2007
Ingrid is the weakest member of her pack, which gets her no respect. She branches out to find some new friends, and soon finds Lola Llama, an equally opressed, long-necked individual, who shares her pain.
My Name's Ted and Your Names Don't Matter Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey 69 July 27th, 2007
Mr. Hornbill has an annoying bird perched on his horn and all he ever does is insult people.
Push It Up Lie, Cheetah, Steal 70 August 3rd, 2007
Coach Gills gets a new assistant, when Horace gets severely injured. Mr. Cheetah, the replacement quickly steals her heart and even proves to be a better TA than Horace, making it unlikely Horace will get hs job back, if his bones ever heal.
Aaah Save Us Yaaah An Inconvenient Goof 71 August 3rd, 2007
It's the second hottest day of the year, and Miss Chameleon's class is not up for performing in the school play in that kind of heat. Miss Chameleon tells them it could be worse, as she illuminates the tale of when they were striken by a heatwave.
Prince Pixiefrog Got Rejected The Frog Principal 72 August 24th, 2007
Principal Pixiefrog gets kissed by Mrs. Warthog, which turns him into a human prince. The only way to reverse the curse is if a human kisses him, before the stroke of midnight.
Adam Meet's Jake Faux Parents Meet the Spidermonkeys 73 August 24th, 2007
Adam visits Jake's house at the Zoo Aquarium. Jake is hesitant to have him over, since he lives in a disgusting, unicivilized, and often dangerous Spidermonkey Exhibit, in which he doesn't believe a human can cope with.
The Butt of the Jake The Butt of the Jake 74 August 31st, 2007
Jake's obsession with his butt gets way out of hand. His friends hold a convention for him, to get him to kick the butt habit.
Shark Fin Soupy 2 Shark Fin Soupy 75 August 31st, 2007
Bull Sharkowski loses his water headphones, leaving him bound to the aquatic hallway. Basking shark aquasquatter, Soupy Baskington finds the headphones and uses them to go up on land.

Season 4Edit

Image Title # Airdate
Laughing Rufus Driving Adam Crazy The Hyena and the Mighty 76 September 14th, 2007
Jake befriends a side-splitting hyena named Rufus, who's inane laughter drives Adam crazy.
Henry Talks to Adam and Jake Oh, Henry! 77 September 14th, 2007
Henry is tired of the way he's getting treated at CDMS and decided to go back to his old school in Greenland. This is the worst nightmare of the school, since Henry was a foreign exchange student, trading places with the notoriously despised Alistair White Tiger. The student need to put their best foot forward, to keep Henry at their school.
Jake Shows Off His Butt in His Fancy New Leather Gear My Feral Lyon 78 September 21st, 2007
Adam joins a gang of feral cats, in hopes that he'll obtain a leather jacket for Jake. However, all The Ferals do is abuse Adam and get him in trouble for every crime they commit.
Chameleon Changing Colors A Mid Semester Life's Dream 79 September 21st, 2007
Miss Chameleon remembers when she blew her chances at fame, which led to her becoming a drama tacher.
The Ivy League The Ivy League 80 September 28th, 2007
Mrs. Warthog finds out that Jake isn't a spidermonkey, but a spiderplant. Due to a clerical error, much like Adam's, he got sent to an all animal school. Unlike Adam's clerical error, the school makes an attempt at fixing it and sends Jake to the all plant school, Creeping Broad Leaf Sedge Middle School.
Ribbit and Robot Robo Frog 3000 81 September 28th, 2007
Principal Pixiefrog gets a robot replacement, who stands in for him, while he goes to the car wash.
Big Eyes Painting of Windsor The Notorious Windsor Gorilla 82 October 5th, 2007
Windsor becomes world famous after an art class painting of him, made by Adam catches the eye of the corporate hack, Captain Corporate. Although Adam is the one who actually made the painting, he gets no recognition for this greatness.
I Don't Remeber That Sign Being So Low Ingrid Through the Out Door 83 October 5th, 2007
Ingrid hits a growth spurt and becomes too tall to fit in the hallways of CDMS. Principal Pixiefrog gives her an early graduation and prematurely sends her up to high school, blindly assuming that the hallways are taller there. Still just being 12 years old, Ingrid is ill-prepared for high school and her chances of surviving with the bigger students are very slim.
Glazed and Confused Glazed and Confused 84 March 30th, 2008
Adam's spring break plans on going to Captain Clowny Land with Kerry are put on hold, when Jake knocks him out cold and drags him to Hawaii, where he and the gang plan on saving the ambiguously endangered Mrs. Warthog from getting eaten by native islanders.
Bull All Happy and Stuff Hygiene Hijinks 85 April 10th, 2008
Bull Sharkowski gets his braces off, and now that his teeth look more beautiful, he has turned over a new leaf and given up bullying to become a friendly, tolerable guy.
Mandrill & Margie Wedding Mandrill of the House 86 April 10th, 2008
Mr. Mandrill starts dating Windsor's mother, Margie Gorilla, much to Windsor's disapproval. Mr. Mandrill tried to bond with Windsor, to make him more comfortable with the possibility that he could one day become his dad.
Jake Shows Off His Simians Synch or Swim 87 April 17th, 2008
Jake buys sea simians, so he can learn more about being a synchronized swimming monkey.
Ingrid Growls at Gazelle Lyon's Anatomy 88 April 17th, 2008
Nurse Gazelle's lack of a middle school education, costs her her job as the school nurse. While she goes back to middle school, Principal Pixiefrog becomes the new nurse, and Adam and Jake become the new principals.
Kerry is Unsure of Adam's Well-Being Human Behavior 89 April 24th, 2008
Kerry invites Adam to the school dance at CAMS, but ever since Adam took the midterms, he's gone full on animal and it's up to Jake, Windsor, and Slips to teach him about being civilized again.
Smiling Adam Dizzy Jake Four Eyed Jake 90 April 24th, 2008
When Slips comes back to school after missing a day, the entire school has been turned on it's head. Everyone's goofy behavior can only be explained through a flashback.
Adam's Parents Must Be So Proud Where in the World Are Adam's Parents? 91 May 1st, 2008
The long unexplained absence of Adam's parents can no longer be ignored. Principal Pixiefrog and the rest of Adam's pack, need to find out who they are, where they are, and if they're even still alive.
Walking Up Big Trees Mountain Dude 92 May 1st, 2008
Dennis Billy, a CDMS alumni, gives a motivational speech, which persuades Jake to become a mountain goat.
The Pack Ready to Eat Adam A Very Special Boy 93 July 27th, 2008
Adam realizes that unlike other students of prey, no predatory animals ever attack, eat, or kill him, because he's on a protected species list. Adam takes offence to being treated like he can't handle animal attacks and asks to be removed from the list, a decision, which he'll soon regret.
The Knights of the Multiplication Table Knights of the Multiplication Table 94 July 27th, 2008
Mr. Blowhole's class in interrupted by Jake, and Phineas imagines a Medieval universe, where he and The Spiffies are now a team of knights called "The Knights of the Multiplication Table". The knights venture off to destroy "Jake Dragonmonkey", to put an end to his class disruptions once and for all.
Everyone Loves PG Better Wild Thing 95 July 27th, 2008
Adam is no longer the only human student at CDMS, when a clerical error sends a human girl to his school, under the impression that she's a possum.
Laughing on the Bus Lonely Lyon 96 July 27th, 2008
After reading a letter in the "Dear Glibby" newspaper column, the pack is worried that Adam is unhappy with being the only human student at CDMS and is considering leaving the school.
Look Upon Your Thanksgiving's Past A Thanksgiving Carol 97 November 27th, 2008
In a Thanksgiving themed episode of the show, Adam is visited by three (technically four) ghosts at night, telling him about the horrors of Thanksgiving, so he can understand why animals hate the holiday.
Adam Tearing His Clothes Off A Whole Zoo World 98 July 27th, 2008
In the series finale, it's the last day of Adam's 6th grade year at CDMS. While Adam has a blast, spending his summer in freedom and bliss, however, all of the animals are forced to spend the season, trapped in the The Zoo Aquarium.


Image Title # Airdate
Screenshot 2018-03-18 at 1.54.39 AM The Big Field Trip 99 January 14th, 2007
Adam gets reeled into the CDMS field trip, when he joins the school band with his piccolo. Disaster strikes, when the bus veers off course and everyone gets stranded in the middle of the woods. Adam and Jake get attacked by a gang of squirrels, Lupe becomes queen of the butterflies, and Henry gets trapped in a ditch with his domineering school staff.
Animal School Musical Animal School Musical 100 May 25th, 2008
Jake wishes upon David Coppertrout, for a musical school, like the one he saw on TV. Only thing is, he's a terrible singer, who can't rhyme to save his life. After 36 musical numbers in one day go by, everyone gets sick of the music and the only way to undo Jake's wish is for Jake to get some rhythm.


  1. The Note
  2. Cafeteria Duty
  3. Bathroom Break
  4. I Got Rhythm
  5. Clam-mercial
  6. Bullroar
  7. Photophobia
  8. Lunchtime Blues
  9. All-Nighter
  10. Not So Good Will
  11. Fresh Brewed
  12. Help Not Wanted
  13. Adam's Penguin Poem


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