Law and Odor
Season 1, Episode 13
Law and Odor
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Law and Odor is the thirteenth episode of the first season.


Jake gets in trouble with the hall monitors.


Adam and Jake are sentenced by the Spiffies to do hall monitor duty after receiving a number of school citations. While being monitors, Adam finds that there is a corruption within the hall monitors unit for example, the animals are bribing other animals, so Adam tries to stop it.


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Jake: Don't say I didn't warn you.
Adam: But you didn't warn me!
Jake: I told you not to say that!


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "Law and Order".
    • The original title was "Law and Odor: Special Hall Monitor's Unit", which is a pun on the crime-drama television series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
    • Throughout the episode, you'll witnessed the entire CDMS held high defiance, vengefulness and betrayals against Adam's truthful evidence and deductions. Seeing how they make Adam a tattletale and they don't take kindly to humanitarian laws.
  • Jake offered a glass doorknob, from "Shiny Thing", to Adam.
  • The bear hall monitor references Yogi Bear, claiming to be bribed by "Pic-a-nic Baskets".
  • The fish hall monitor references the Charlie Brown Halloween special, by writing "I got a rock" on her bowl.
  • Jake proves to acts strangely, when the blood flow to his brain is blocked off.
  • The school has it's own televised news program, run by Henry Armadillo.
  • The CDMS news channel had the following headlines.
    • You're watching the CDMS Student News.
    • Today's Weather: Clouds Forming. Sheep Fear Baaaaaaaaad storm.
    • The Business Report: Cow Jones Mooooooooving average - Slow. Very Slow.
  • The Spiffies are still mad at Adam for losing them the spelling bee "Animal Testing".
  • Endugu (the elephant with the peanut shirt), was addressed as "Tiny", by Adam.
  • Second usage of Jake's "Be somebody" catchphrase.
  • Billboard Gag: Welcome home-schooled turtles.