Knights of the Multiplication Table
Season 4, Episode 19
The Knights of the Multiplication Table
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Knights of the Multiplication Table is the nineteenth episode of season four.


Phineas daydreams that he and his friends are knights, (with Adam as their loyal jester) and they have to save Lady Warthog from Jake Dragonmonkey.





  • The title is a pun on "Knights of the Round Table".
  • First and only "Alternate Version" episode.
  • The Spiffies are studying "Ways Gilligan could have easily gotten off the island". This is a reference to Gilligan's Island.
  • The Spiffies still address Adam as "A-dumb", the insult they came up with in "Animal Testing".
  • Daniel Calamari has severe allergies to boats and is heavily prone to sea sickness. Because of this, his parents can't ever take vacations.
  • It's revealed the setting of My Gym Partner's a Monkey takes place in the real life city of Glendale, California, as Phineas' alter-ago in his imagination is named "Sir Chauncy of Glendale".
  • Billboard Gag: Where's Our Marquee Post?! (Note: the camera would then zoom out, revealing the billboard is not supported by any posts, causing the sign to drop to the ground)