I Got a New Aptitude
Season 2, Episode 2
I Gotta New Aptitude
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I Got a New Aptitude is the second episode of season two.


The students of Charles Darwin Middle School take aptitude tests.


After taking an aptitude test, Adam and Jake get unsatisfied with their future careers as being zoo animals. So with Mr. Mandrill's help, Adam does all the things he wants to do, but with no success. The only thing now is to become a hobo with Jake joining him.


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Jake: Morning, Adam. What sort of fun filled adventure do we have in store today?
Adam: Nothing that I know of.
Jake: Eh, give it a second.
Pixiefrog: [over the intercom] Attention students, this is your principal with an important announcement. This afternoon, during homeroom, all students will be required to take a career aptitude test.
Jake: Oh, yeah. That'll play.

Chameleon: I took the test once, it said I was destined to be a big star in the pictures. [dramatically self-deprecating] AND LOOK AT ME NOW!!! LOOK AT MEEEE!!! [normal] Oh, wait. It said I was crazy.

Jake: I wanna be an underwear model.
Adam: I almost hate to ask, but, why?
Jake: Cuz I've always wanted to see what it's like to wear underwear.
Adam: But you don't even wear pants.
Jake: Look, Adam, every time I see a monkey on TV, he's either naked or wearing diapers. It's time for me to step up and blaze a new trail for simians everywhere. And that trail happens to involve BIG BOY PANTS!

[Lupe is about to poop on her test, when Miss Chameleon comes in]
Chameleon: Ahem! With a number two PENCIL, Lupe, please!

Jake: Are we finished being depressed yet?

Ingrid: You haven't shown up in class for a couple days.
Windsor: I brought your homework, so you won't fall behind.

Mr. Mandrill: Look, Adam, your test results don't mean it's the end of the world. That's just the man telling you what you can and can't do!
Adam: Really?
Mr. Mandrill: Yeah! You just gotta go out there and prove the man wrong!
Adam: You mean like, find a different career?
Mr. Mandrill: I mean follow your heart!
Adam: So, find a different career.
Mr. Mandrill: Fine, yes, I was trying to be poetic.

[Adam, now super motivated, sets off to find a different career]
Mr. Mandrill: Look out world, there's a Lyon on the loose. [chuckles]
[Mr. Mandrill gets attacked by a lion]

[Adam and Jake are hobos, riding a boxcar]
Jake: Ahhh, now this is the life. Watching the country speed by, eating beans out of a can, with nothing but the clothes on by back, and a bindle full of dreams.
Adam: With nary a career aptitude test in sight.
[Benny enters, from behind]
Benny: Did somebody say, "Career aptitude test"?
Jake: Did somebody say, "Nary"?

Benny: Only after studying a curriculum of liberal arts and sciences consisting of both breath and depth, will you know your true destiny!

[Adam and Jake get kicked out of a moving train and land on the ground]
Jake: Well, at least we landed safely.
[Adam and Jake get attacked by a lion]

Adam: Principal Pixiefrog, I learned something special today from one of the lovable vagabonds that make up this great nation of ours.


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "I Got a New Attitude".
  • Jake leans in the fourth wall, predicting that some kind of fun-filled adventure would certainly happen sometime soon.
  • Principal Pixiefrog claims that everyone who's ever taken the aptitude test, has ended up with the exact job their results gave them.
  • Ingrid and Lupe's season 2 debuts.
  • Miss Chameleon casts a shadow of her "human self", when reminiscing about her aptitude test.
  • Every student in the school, except for Adam and Jake have the dream job of becoming a zoo animal. Jake wanted to become an underwear model and Adam wanted to become a firefighting, spacewalking, president.
  • Larry Raccoon from "Bad News Bear" was seen in Miss Chameleon's class, despite getting expelled.
  • Apparently Coach Gills' class was teaching an aptitude test, despite her teaching P.E. in the gymnasium, where there'd generally be no desks for the students to take such a test.
  • This episode features a musical number, "What's the Point?".
  • Adam and Jake's hobo names are Adam ... uh ... Hobo Person Guy and Boxcar Jakey, respectively.
  • Billboard Gag: "Lion Club Meeting: Mane Conference Room." and "Beak Kind to Birds Day."
  • Credits Gag: During the end credits, after the lion has given his public service announcement concerning the lion attacks during this episode, he himself is attacked. This happens very quickly but the person tackling him is the hobo Benny Two Tooth, who was introduced earlier.