I Fear Pretties
Season 2, Episode 11
I Fear Pretties
Air date August 26th, 2006
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I Fear Pretties is the eleventh episode of season two.


Adam inflates Margaret's ego with false information about her rhinoceros breed.


After Adam learns that Margaret is a rare animal, she becomes very arrogant, making her friends, Joanie and Latanya, angry. But when Adam learns that Margaret is not rare, he tries to tell them the truth. Adam has no choice but to talk to them- and takes all three of them on a date!


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Mr. Hornbill: A word, Mr. Lyon. I'm afraid you've got your facts completely wrong. The Sumatran Rhino is not the rarest rhino. The Vietnamese Rhino is. Please try to be a little more careful with your facts next time.
Jake: Yeah, Adam. Don't you dare jeapordadize my edumacation.
Adam: Zuh?

[Two lobsters in a seafood tank, Steven and his wife, dine at their own restaurant]
Steven: Waiter, I'll have the lobster.
(The waiter grabs his wife out of the tank)
Wife: Steven! How could you!?


  • The title is a pun on the Julie Andrews song "I Feel Pretty".
  • Only episode focusing on Margaret, Latanya and Joanie.
  • Adam erroneously labels the Sumatran rhinoceros as the rarest living rhinoceros species on the planet, and Mr. Hornbill corrects him, factually stating that the Vietnamese rhino is the rarest of it's kind, and the Sumatran is merely the second rarest. In the year 2011, four years after this episode aired, the Vietnamese rhino species would officially go extinct, as the last Javan rhinoceros, living in Vietnam would be killed by poachers, nullifying this fact, and technically making Adam Lyon right.
  • First episode, featuring the catchphrase, "Zuh?".
  • Adam accidentally asked Margaret, Latanya, and Joanie on dates, making them his first three official girlfriends in the series.


  • When the Lobster Wife said "Steven, how could you?!" the captain erroneously read "Nathan, how could you?!".