Grub Drive
Season 1, Episode 12
Grub Drive
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Grub Drive is the twelfth episode of the first season.


Adam and Jake have to sell candy for the annual school fundraiser., the candy they're selling is Chocolate Covered Grubs, and nobody's buying.




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Mr. Hornbill: Alright, now quit the griping. This is a great book. You'll be begging me for more. Trust me.
(Hornbill throws a book, that crushes James Ant)
Mr. Hornbill: I said, quit the griping!

Pixiefrog: We need books and books cost monkey, which is why it's time for the annual school sales drive.
(Students groan)
Pixiefrog: Now, look, I know it's not fun going door to door in strange neighborhoods, or hitting up distant, malodorous relatives, or standing in dark, dangerous parking lots, late at night, to sell boxes of overpriced candy, just so you can have the basic tools, from which to learn, but it's become an economic necessity in this day of limited funding, increased wages, and drastic decreases, in the allowable minimum tax deduction for entertainment expenses.
Students: Huh?

(Adam and Jake get beaten senseless by a gang of rude little girl scouts)
Jake: Those girls are very polite.


  • Instead of reading, the students of CDMS absorb the information of the books by eating them. It's never explained how, but this actually works, at least on the animal students, as Jake had learned the plot of Moby Dick, after eating the pages and not reading a word.
  • First episode with a full blown musical number, "You Gotta Sell".
  • It's revealed that the elephant with a peanut shirt's name is "Endugu".
  • During the musical number, Principal Pixiefrog appears on a parody of the one dollar bill. The print on it includes a bunch of hidden Easter Eggs.
    • In the place of "The United States of America", is "Unite the Frogs".
    • In the place of the "Washington" label, is "P. Froggie".
    • In the place of the name, "Rosa Gumataotao Rios", is "P. Froggie Ditty".
    • In the place of "Washington D.C." is "Frogington D.C.".
    • In the place of "Timoty F. Geithner" is "Lenore H. Aaron", which may possibly be a reference to the full name of Principal Pixiefrog's ex-wife, Lenore.
    • Though possibly just a coincidence, the number 12 is also seen on the dollar, and this happens to be the 12th episode of the show.
  • Slips, Windsor, and Ingrid have no dialogue and Lupe is completely absent all episode long.
  • Billboard Gag: Ewe Matter.
  • Credits Gag: Jake showing off his butt.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Mr. Hornbill assigns the class to read Herman Melville's famous novel, "Moby-Dick; or, The Whale", better known as simply, "Moby Dick".
  • The gag where Adam is buying Jake's chocolates and vice versa with the same dollar, is similar to a gag made by Chespirito in a episode of "El Chavo del 8", where el Chavo sold to himself a lot of crullers using the same money.


  • When Mr. Hornbill's class gripes about having to read Moby Dick, Bull Sharkowski's dorsal fin is missing.