Euripides Sharkowski

Euripides Sharkowski is Bull Sharkowski's older sister. She is an even worse bully than Bull and reigns dominant in their relationship. Before Bull was the alpha male at CDMS, Euripides was the alpha female. Thankfully for Bull, Euripides graduated and now dominates High School, allowing him to be CDMS's top dog. She first appeared in "One Lump or Tutor". She is voiced by Phil LaMarr. With a female tone of voice that you could obviously recognize.


Unlike her younger brother, Euripedes doesn't bully students with brawn, but instead through a more verbal approach. Basically, she makes snarky and witty remarks to people, insulting their characters or appearances. Her words are very powerful as she can easily infuriate people if she makes fun of them long enough and ends them with saying, “thank you!”


Bull SharkowskiEdit

Euripides greatly contrasts Bull, not only in bullying methods, but in appearance, and dietary habits too. Euripides is strikingly smaller than Bull, despite being older, and she has also taken up a vegetarian lifestyle. Because she is stronger than he is, Euripedes gives Bull an inferiority complex. So, he avoids asking for her help with anything predator or bullying related, despite him desperately needing her. The mere utterance of her name, drives Bull into a frenzy of hysteria.

Adam LyonEdit

In "One Lump or Tutor", Euripides was summoned to teach Adam how to fight. She let off a stream of insults about his mother, making Adam slowly boil up, until he was, guns ablazing, tearing a cheese cow to shreds. Obviously, Euripides didn't mean this, for she didn't even know Adam's mother, and was only doing this to help him. However, that doesn't mean she's not cold hearted enough to be serious when talking this way to him.

Ingrid GiraffeEdit

In "Ingrid Through the Out Door", Ingrid became a new student at Euripides' high school, making her "fresh meat". Eurpides insulted Ingrid on her clothing style and appearance, and although she never partook in it, she summoned an army of other high schoolers to beat her to a pulp and maul her.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Euripides is voiced by Phil Lamarr, who is also the voice actor of her brother Bull.
  • Euripides is a vegetarian, setting her even farther apart from the carnivorous Bull.
  • In "Shark Fin Soupy", Bull lost his water headphones to Soupy Baskington. So, he had to borrow another pair from his sister. The pair he was pink and had a bow on top, which is not something Euripides ever wore. It was also big enough to fit on Bull's head, meaning it would've been oodles too big for Euripides.
  • In "Hygiene Hijinks", Bull consistently harassed Adam, by insulting his clothing and appearance. It's likely that he was mirroring the traits of Eurpides, when doing so.