Disregarding Henry
Season 2, Episode 7
Disregarding Henry
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Disregarding Henry is the seventh episode of season two.


Jake enters Henry in the school talent show after hearing Henry's poor singing. He also books him a gig on the T.V. show, Wacky Pet Tricks! To prevent Henry from becoming humiliated, Adam attempts to take his place.




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  • Bush Trail (B) – Sam Sklair (title card)
  • Rum Raisin – Alex Pinto (opening)
  • Latin Holiday – Lee Jacobs (“Hey, Adam! You gotta check this out!”)
  • What’s The Time – Tony Tape, Klaus Fischer (Talent Show Tonight)
  • Funk Me – Steve Johnson, Chris Slack (Ingrid and Lupe’s act)
  • Indian Boots – Horst Bredow (Burt Rivendale introduces himself)
  • Italian Summer – Hendric Haydegg (Henry in a dress)
  • The Show Goes On (A) – Chris Walden (Wacky Pet Tricks! intro)
  • The Show Goes On (C) – Chris Walden (the curtain drops)
  • Beach Parade – Armando Trovajoli (ending)


[Jake blows bubble gum bubbles through his ears]
Adam: What are you doing, Jake?
Jake: Practicing my act for the talent show.
Windsor: Uh, Jake? Didn't you get banned from the talent show, for what you did last year?
[Jake is shocked and the bubble gum bubbles pop]
Jake: [angry] Thanks for bursting my bubble, by bringing that up, Windsor!

Adam: What happened last year?
Lupe: Let's just say, the bubbles came out, ... somewhere else. Somewhere, horrible!

[Jake looks for someone to mentor]
Jake: I got it! You'll be my protégé.
Adam: You already asked me that!
Jake: Oh ... what was your answer?

Jake: That is the best barit ... falset ... alto-ano ... uh, ... You sing good!

Jake: What's your name, kid?
Henry: Well, it's Henry, Jake. You know that.
Jake: Well, Henrietta, I'm gunna make you a star!
Henry: It's Henry. I'm a boy.
[awkward beat]
Jake: [confused] Well, if you say so.

Jake: Adam, you gotta check this out. Harriet is amazing!
Henry: It's Henry! Hen-ry!
Jake: [condescending] Not now, sweetie. Jakey's talking.

[Adam and Jake regard Henry]
Adam: Jake, are you serious? He's terrible! [to Henry] No offense.
Henry: None taken.

[Principal Pixiefrog speaking into a microphone that's too tall for him, meaning he has to constantly jump to the mic's height, breaking his speech into parts]
Pixiefrog: Welcome to the annual Charles Darwin Middle School ... talent show, where all your favorite students ... and some other ones will perform for your viewing pleasure. ... Now let's give a big round of applause to our first performers, ... Ingrid and Lu ... pe.

[Miss Chameleon judges Henry's performance and tries not to be too mean]
Chameleon: Henry, you're a very, ... eh ... eh ... special boy.

Coach Gills: That was the worst performance I've ever seen! No offence.

Adam: They're cheering for him because they're mocking him.
Windsor: True. Once again, our sense of irony has trumped our sense of decency, turning another untalented every man into a star.

Adam: Jake! Let go!
Jake: Never!

Jake: Man friend, you crazy.

Henry: Now Jake can ruin your life, by exploiting your mediocre talent. No offence.
Adam: [offended] None taken.


  • The title is a pun on the film Regarding Henry.
  • In the audience, you can see Amazon Kevin, Zira Cornelius, Truffles Duvall, and Old Joe.
  • Henry is revealed to be two feet tall.
  • Jake was banned from entering the talent show due to his bubble gum going wrong by come out somewhere disgusting. (Suspiciously his butt)
  • Billboard Gag: Talent Show Tonight! May not Actually contain Talent.
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