Daniel Calamari
Daniel Calimari


Daniel Calamari





Voice Actor

Rick Gomez

Daniel Calamari is the quaternary member of The Spiffies. He's a former aquasquatter, resigning in the on-land Spiffy class, due to his advanced intelligence. Being on land, he needs to be inside of a giant fish tank on wheels, wherever he goes. He is voiced by Rick Gomez.


Daniel is a red squid with a lot of wrinkles going down his giant forehead. He has brown combed hair and nerdy glasses, like the rest of the gang. He wears a cream colored shirt with pens in the pocket. The shirt has two sleeves and two of his tentacles go through them, which he uses as arms. He is always inside of a cylindrical fish tank, with wheels on the bottom, so that he can be mobile, when he's on land.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • His last name is "Calamari", which is a kind of sushi, made from fried and chopped up squid.
  • In "Knights of the Multiplication Table", he admitted that despite being a squid, he gets motion sickness from being on boats, which forces his parents to refrain from taking vacations.
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